The CPO Advantage


Each pre-owned vehicle on our lot (current model year and up to 5 years old with a selling price over $10,000) comes equipped with a full Certified Pre-Owned benefits package. The 150+ point inspection ensures that only the most worthy vehicles are being sold at Ontario Motor Sales. The included warranty, roadside assistance and exchange policy guarantees peace-of-mind for customers and their families. GM calculates that this program adds up to $2,135 worth of value for the vehicle (when compared to a non-Certified unit). Knowing we're selling safe, quality vehicles makes the process worth every penny. Feel free to read more on each of our CPO perks or give us a call to speak directly with a Pre-Owned expert.

150+ point inspection


You might not worry much about the condition of your hose clamps or the vacuum system or the brake pads. You'll never have to, either, with one of our GM Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles. Before they reach the sales floor, each one of our vehicles is meticulously looked over by a licensed mechanic. That means by the time you look at them, every single vehicle has passed our painstaking 150+ point inspection. Click here to read the 150+ point inspection checklist.

Everything from the exhaust system to cupholders is inspected and reconditioned, if necessary. If the vehicle doesn’t pass, we don’t sell it as a GM Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. Period.


  • Road test: acceleration – braking – steering

  • Functional check of: windows – lights – parking brake

  • Under-hood inspection: electrical system – power steering – engine

  • Under-vehicle inspection: frame – suspension components – brakes

  • Tires – replaced unless they meet stringent minimum safety standards

    (exceeding most government safety standards)

  • Wear items – belts, hoses, wiper blades – replaced if cracked or worn


  • Body and interior reconditioning performed: exterior appearance – interior appearance


  • All required maintenance and interior and exterior detailing performed before final certification
  • Body and interior reconditioning performed: exterior appearance – interior appearance


Because our vehicles are only serviced with factory-approved parts, we gladly back every Certified Pre-Owned vehicle with a manufacturer's warranty. We also include a Used Vehicle Limited Warranty for the first three months or 5,000 kilometres (whichever comes first). There's also an opportunity to extend or upgrade to an even more comprehensive Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle Protection Plan. You can rest easy—existing warranties are transferrable should you ever choose to sell.

  • Every Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle features a minimum 3-month/5,000 km warranty*.
  • Depending on the age and kilometres, either; - Remaining GM or Manufacturer’s warranty - A special GM Certified Pre-Owned warranty

  • You’re protected against major repair expenses for the term of your warranty.

  • A variety of longer term Certified Pre-Owned Protection Plans are also available.

  • A “No Worries” way of buying your pre-owned vehicle.

Manufacturer Warranty
Exchange Privilege


Take a few days and a few kilometres to get to know your Certified Pre-Owned vehicle. If you decide the vehicle isn’t right for you, we offer a one-time 30-day or 2,500 kilometre exchange privilege. (whichever comes first) of the date of purchase for any other eligible Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle. If the purchase price of the replacement vehicle is less than the purchase price of the vehicle being returned, you’ll receive credit for the difference. If the purchase price of the replacement vehicle is more, you simply pay the difference..A great “Peace of Mind” feature!

To qualify for and exchange, the vehicle must meet the following criteria:

  • The vehicle must currently be owned or leased by the retail purchaser/lessee of the Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle.
  • The vehicle must be returned in the condition in which it was delivered to the customer, without damage or excessive wear and tear.

Exclusions: The one time exchange privilege excludes the following vehicles:

  • Fleet purchase vehicles.
  • Vehicles used for daily rental, hearse, taxi, limousine, snowplowing or delivery services.
  • The customer has previously returned a vehicle under the GM Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles One-Time 30 Day or 2,500 Kilometre Exchange Privilege within a period of 12 months commencing on the return date of that previously returned vehicle.
  • Vehicles that have had after-market accessories installed (e.g., radio or alarm system) unless installation was performed or sublet by the selling GM Certified Pre-Owned Dealer.

Vehicle Inspection

Every vehicle returned under the Exchange Privilege will be inspected for damage and excessive wear and tear. If non-warranty repairs equal to or greater than $300 have been performed or are necessary, the vehicle is not eligible to be returned. If less than $300, the damage repair estimate will be deducted from the credit amount applied to the returned vehicle.

Valuation of the returned vehicle

The "Agreed Upon Exchange Value" will be used in determining the refund value to be applied to the replacement vehicle.

Exchange and wait provision

If a customer exchanges a vehicle under the Exchange Privilege and waits for a replacement vehicle instead of choosing one from the dealer's available inventory, the selling dealer will not provide alternate transportation or allow a customer to keep the original vehicle while the replacement vehicle is secured


With all GM Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles, you also receive General Motors’ 24-Hour Roadside Assistance, including*:

  • Roadside service and tow to nearest GM dealer
  • Delivery of fuel
  • Locksmith service
  • Jump-starting
  • Flat tire service
  • Out-of-town lodging and meal allowance

To receive Roadside Assistance, call 1-800-268-6800 and a service operator will be dispatched to the scene. If your vehicle can't be repaired on-site, it will be towed to the nearest GM Dealership or GM authorized repair facility.

Roadside Assistance

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