CarProof Reports

CarProof: What's it all about?

We all have heard the popular saying, "What you don't know can't hurt you". Unfortunately, this saying is not true when it comes to purchasing a used vehicle in or from Canada. Although most car dealers and private vehicle sellers are honest, used car buyers are always better off to insist that an independent service provide information about the vehicle's history. With the information available through CarProof, a used car buyer can verify whether the seller has neglected to disclose important information about the vehicle for sale. CarProof is the answer to another popular saying, "Let the buyer beware".

Ontario Motor Sales is proud to offer CarProof reports
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It is also worth noting how often we hear the question, "Does your report tell how many owners the vehicle had?" For privacy reasons, no reporting service is able to give this data definitively. But is that REALLY important information? What if the one owner was a very bad driver, or was in debt beyond their means, or worse yet, was dishonest? Our reports take the guessing out of the process. Here are some VERY important reasons why CarProof reports provide critical information for vehicles in or from Canada.

Liens And Security Interests In Canada

The used vehicle you buy may have been previously purchased by someone on credit or lease, or may have been used as collateral for a loan and may still have a valid lien registered against it in its current Province, or even in a Province where the car was previously registered. If you buy a vehicle with a lien properly filed against it you could have that vehicle taken away from you by the bank or lien holder.

There is no other automated internet vehicle history service that provides lien information from every Province and Territory in Canada (excluding Quebec). This is the major difference between CarProof and services like Carfax that are based in the United States. Carfax does not provide lien and security interest data from Canada in their vehicle history reports.


Accident And Collision Damage

It is fair to say that everyone would like to know whether the vehicle they are considering buying has been in an accident. There are two ways that CarProof reports provide this information. First, all CarProof reports check live (in real time) every province and territory in Canada, as well as every state in the United States through Experian Automotive's 20 billion record database, to determine if the vehicle has been registered by any jurisdiction as Salvage, Rebuilt or Non-repairable. No other vehicle history service, including Carfax, is connected live to every Province and Territory vehicle registration database in Canada. A vehicle that has one of these registration brands, in Canada or the U.S., has been in an major accident.

The other way that CarProof reports provide accident damage information is through the insurance industry in Canada. The CarProof Verified and CarProof Claims report products provide accident claims data from the private insurance industry in Canada. This information includes any accident damage that has been processed by a private insurance company for claim payment. Additionally for vehicles in or from British Columbia, CarProof provides a report product that includes accident claims data from the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC). This product is CarProof's most expensive product, and purchasing it is advised only for vehicles that are or were previously registered in British Columbia.

Please note, that CarProof does not provide accident claims data for vehicles when they were insured in Quebec, Manitoba or Saskatchewan. Furthermore, CarProof only provides accident claims data for vehicles when insured in British Columbia for customers who purchase our CarProof Verified – BC product.

Stolen Or Cloned Vehicles

Buying a used vehicle that is registered as stolen seems like something that would never happen to you, but what if it was registered as stolen in another jurisdiction? Or worse yet, what if the vehicle you are buying is stolen, but the VIN (of your stolen vehicle) has been replaced with a VIN of another vehicle that is currently registered as Normal somewhere else? This duplicate VIN cover-up is called vehicle cloning and it happens more regularly than people think. If you buy the vehicle with the correct VIN everything will be fine, but if you buy the vehicle that is really stolen and has a forged VIN you may likely have the vehicle taken away by its lawful owner. If that happens, your only recourse will be against the seller of your vehicle.

Since CarProof Verified and CarProof Claims reports provide registration from Canada and the United States, and insurance coverage data from the private insurance industry in Canada, you are able to look at the date chronology of the VIN to determine if it has duplicate or cloned activity. If you receive a report with chronology please be sure to have the vehicle inspected by a law enforcement agent who is trained in confirming a vehicle's true identity.

Odometer Fraud Or Roll Back

One of the most common ways to determine the useful life of a used vehicle is by knowing how many miles the vehicle has driven so far. Wholesale and retail vehicle values rise and fall based on the vehicle's odometer reading. Unfortunately in Canada, there is no law that mandates the disclosure of sworn and accurate odometer readings at the time of vehicle transfer. Odometer data that is provided at most ministry motor vehicle branches is unreliable, if not a mere guess.

CarProof makes every attempt to provide reliable odometer data as a guide for consumers in determining whether a vehicle’s odometer reading has been altered. CarProof believes that the inclusion of too much unreliable odometer data in its reports can unfairly create problems that are not justified. Please use careful judgment when analyzing odometer data.