GM Employee FAQ’s

What Family members can I sponsor under the GM Employee Purchase Program? 

Employee Parents: Including Step Parent 
Employee Brother/Sister: Includes Full/Half/Step of the Employee/deceased Employee. 
Children: Including children of the spouse who may not be children of the Employee 
Grandchildren and their Spouses 
Grandparents: including Step and Grandparents-in-law 
*Spouse: Including surviving spouse and *common-law spouse 
Spouses Parents: Including Step Parent 
Spouses Brother/Sister: Includes Full/Half/Step Brother/Sister 
Employee Aunts/Uncles: Includes Step 
Spouse Aunts/Uncles: Includes Step 
Employee Nieces/Nephews (includes Step) and their Spouses 
Spouse Nieces/Nephews (includes Step) and their Spouses

I am on Contract/Temporary Employee of GM , can I still Buy under the GM Employee Program? 

Contract Salaried Employee, Temporary Employees are eligible to participate for the duration of their employment. CSE Temporary Employees (on GM payroll) have the same sponsorship eligibility as regular employees. 

Is the price the same for buying a vehicle in stock or factory order? 

Yes, the is no difference in pricing between a stock unit or one that is factory ordered if equipped the same. 

How do I get my Authorization number? 

Eligible employees are required to obtain an authorization via the website: Authorization numbers have expiry dates of sixty (60) days. Delivery must be made prior to expiration of the authorization number. 

How can my GM Retirement/Separation Voucher be used? 

The voucher is redeemable on most new Chevrolet or Cadillac vehicles. The credit may be used toward the purchase (cash or finance) toward 1  New or Demo Vehicle.

The list of exclusions are Cadillac XT4 Luxury 1SB/1SC, XT4 Sport and XT4 Premium Luxury are eligible, Camaro ZL1, Colorado 2SA, Spark LS, 2019 Corvette ZR1, and 2020 Corvette.

Retirement or Separation voucher is only transferrable to spouse.


How long do I have to keep the new vehicle? 

Possession of the vehicle, registration and title must remain in the personal name or the company name of the eligible participant for a minimum of 6 months from the delivery date. The Chevrolet Corvette retention period is 12 months AND 12,000 km from the delivery date by the original eligible participant. 

I am on Maternity Leave/ Sick leave form GM, can I still buy under the program? 

Eligible employees on Sick or Disability Leave / Maternity Leave of Absence may participate during the entire leave.  
Eligible employees on approved Special Leave of Absence may participate during the first 12 months of their leave.  
Eligible employees on Statutory Leave of Absence may participate during their entire leave. 

Can I register the vehicle in my Business/Company Name? 

Vehicles can now be registered in a company name provided it is 100% owned by the eligible employee or eligible family member. Articles of Incorporation are required for audit purpose. 
Co-titling between eligible individuals and their spouse or business is permitted. 

What is the Program Fee? 

GM Canada employees and family members who acquire a vehicle through this program are required to pay a $150 GM Program Participation Fee per transaction. 

Is my GM discount compatible with other programs? 

All compatible Dealer and consumer incentives in effect at the time of delivery must be passed on to the customer and shown on the invoice. 

What happens to the pricing if I am in a negative equity position? 

When a customer is in a negative equity position on a trade in, the Dealer may add the negative equity dollar amount to the invoice total provided adequate disclosures are made. 

How often can I use my GM Discount? 

Eligible Employees may purchase, finance, lease or ‘sponsor’ up to a total of six (6) NEW vehicles per Calendar Year. 

My GM Employee Family Member Lives in the US, can I still buy a new Chevrolet or Cadillac In Canada? 

GM employees in the United States may sponsor immediate family members living in Canada but those family members must acquire vehicles in Canada. 

I work for Unifor Legal Services or Unifor National Union can I participate in this program? 

UNIFOR Legal Services Plan,UNIFOR National Union employees are eligible to participate in this program.  
**Please Note – UNIFOR National Union and UNIFOR Legal Services Plan require an authorization form ‘UNIFOR VEHICLE PURCHASE FORM FOR GENERAL MOTORS (GM Canada) PRODUCTS’ received from and signed by their UNIFOR Vehicle Purchase Coordinator, the Director of Auto.