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The health of your vehicle is vital to keeping you safe on the roads.  A vehicle health check ensures everything is working properly and will identify anything needing attention.  There are several benefits of a health check which include:

  1. Increased fuel economy
  2. Allows you to maintain warranty protection
  3. It protects against higher repair costs down the road
  4. Improves overall safety of you and your vehicle
  5. And gives you peace of mind

What’s included in an OMS Vehicle Health Check? 1. Checking all fluid levels 2. Tire rotation – including inspection of tire wear and tread, tightening of wheel nuts, and resetting the tire pressure monitor and sensors 3. Complete head to toe inspection of your vehicle (exterior and interior) 4. Inspection of brakes and brake pads 5. Inspection of wiper blades 6. Ensure your battery is functioning optimally. Click here to view the Vehicle Health Check Inspection sheet that is provided to you upon completion of this service. 

Complementary inclusions for every OMS service include: 1. Personalized video showing any areas of concern 2. Car Wash after inspection 3. Sanitization of vehicle 4. The option of servicing from home! We’ll pick-up and return your vehicle to your driveway 5. Shuttle service


What is a brake fluid flush?
A process that flushes (or drains) the old brake fluid along with any air bubbles, debris, and rust; and replaces it with new (clean) brake fluid.
How is it performed?
First your mechanic will connect a line to each wheel; this line then feeds back to a brake-flushing machine. Once the machine is properly secured to the reservoir and there are no leaks your mechanic will activate the machine, which acts like a vacuum and pulls out the old fluid, while simultaneously adding the new brake fluid. The flush is complete when the fluids in all lines run clear.
How often should I have a brake fluid service?
It is recommended to replace your brake fluid every 4-6 years (or every 80 to 120,000 KM's). However, it is always best to follow the guidelines outlined in your owner's manual.
Why should I do a brake service?
It is important to replace your brake fluid because over time brake fluid absorbs moisture from the humidity in the air. In this case water is bad as it has a much lower boiling point then brake fluid and those brakes can get hot! If this mixture starts to boil it will create gas bubbles, and gas is compressible. When you press your brake pedal and create the hydraulic pressure in the brake system, instead of that force being transferred to your brake pads to slow your car down, that force is just compressing gas, and this can diminish your stopping ability. Not a situation anyone wants to be in!


Your vehicle's wheel alignment serves a critical part in maintain optimal duration and performance of your vehicle. By having your alignment checked, you can catch some issues before they end up costing you. Here are some reasons to have your alignment checked:  
- Is your steering wheel pulling to the side when you are driving straight?
- Are your tires wearing unevenly?
- Have you recently had any suspension work done including the replacement of shocks and/or struts?
- Have you experienced any harsh driving events like running over a deep pot hole or hitting a curb while parking?
- Is your steering wheel pulling to the side when you are driving straight?
- Are you noticing uneven tire wear? You can tell if individual tires are wearing in an uneven pattern, or if your set of tires are not wearing consistently.
If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above, you should consider an alignment check to determine in advance if an alignment is required. An alignment check is also a great preventative inspection to have done as it will catch some of these items before extensive repairs are required. As an example, an inspection could end up saving you from having to replace a set of tires due to uneven tire wear which could limit the tires ability to provide proper traction for cornering and breaking. For any questions that you might have about alignments, or other maintenance related inquiries for your vehicle, please reach out to one of our qualified service professionals at 905-725-8304 or email us at


Behind the Scenes of an OMS Tire Rotation!
Come with us behind the scenes as one of our Service Technicians, Ryker, performs a tire rotation! Routinely rotating your tires is crucial to ensuring their longevity and will ultimately save you money!
What is a Tire Rotation?
Since the weight of your vehicle is distributed different, your front tires can wear quicker than the others.  With a tire rotation, each wheel is removed and then moved to a new position on your vehicle. For instance, with a front-wheel drive vehicle, the left front wheel will be moved to the back left, the right front wheel will be moved to the back right, then the left back wheel will be moved to the front right and the right back wheel will be moved to the front left. This can be confusing! By rearranging the tires you ensure that the tread on each wheel wears evenly over time. The other great thing about a tire rotation is that we will check tire pressure, torque the wheel nuts (which can become loose over time), and reset your tire pressure monitor and sensors.  

If you are curious to the benefit of this service, have a look at each wheel of your vehicle and see if you notice a difference in the tread and wear of the rubber. A tire rotation is included with our vehicle health check service as well as when you have your winter/summer tires swapped.  For any questions regarding a tire rotation, or other maintenance related inquiries, please reach out to one of our qualified service professionals at 905-725-8304 or email us at



We have added a new tool to our toolbox!  The Lavor Pro steam generator is an amazing machine that is helping us combat Covid-19.  This dry steam generator combines a disinfectant with water and produces a high pressure steam heated to a temperature of 175 degrees Celsius.  This spray cleans and disinfects, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.  It is safe to use on all parts of your vehicle, including air vents, knobs, screens, console, dash, shifter, door handles, and many other high touch surfaces.  It also has a handy attachment that will steam your carpets and seats (including leather), getting rid of spills and stains.  This video shows the generator in action, you won't believe the before and after shots!  

For any questions about this service, or other maintenance related inquiries, please reach out to one of our qualified service professionals at 905-725-8304 or email us at




Perhaps you've had it happen when you are heading out and discover your key fob is not working.  Luckily, we usually have a spare on hand.  However, in the event you don't here is a quick video that explains how to change the battery in your key fob.  Whether you have an older style GM key fob or a newer one, this video will guide you through the process of removing and replacing your key fob battery.  It's a very simple process and you need minimal time and tools to get your key back in action!

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