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It's easy to hesitate when purchasing a Pre-Owned vehicle, but when buying an OMS Original, you no longer have to.

What is an OMS Original?

An OMS Original is a new vehicle purchased, serviced, traded and re-sold at Ontario Motor Sales.

When buying an OMS Original, you are provided with all the information needed to make your Pre-Owned purchase. An OMS Original means that the Pre-Owned vehicle that you are purchasing was delivered here as brand new straight from the factory and the previous owner took delivery of the new vehicle. The vehicle has been serviced with us since it landed on our lot, meaning that we have all the information possible and that it runs the way the owners expect it to run. The vehicle was traded back to us by the previous owner and now we have the pleasure of re-detailing and reselling the vehicle to someone else. 

You will find the best value and get the best experience when you purchase an OMS Original!

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