Vehicle Health Check

OMS Vehicle Health Check

What’s included in an OMS Vehicle Health Check?

  1. > Checking all fluid levels
  2. > Tire rotation – including inspection of tire wear and tread, tightening
       of wheel nuts, and resetting the tire pressure monitor and sensors
  3. > Complete head to toe inspection of your vehicle (exterior and interior)
  4. > Inspection of brakes and brake pads
  5. > Inspection of wiper blades
  6. > Ensure your battery is functioning optimally
  7. > For a complete list please see the Inspection Report below

Complimentary Inclusions:

  1. > Personalized video showing any areas of concern
  2. > Car Wash after inspection
  3. > Sanitization of vehicle
  4. > We’ll pick-up and return your vehicle to you at home
  5. > Shuttle service

What's Included in a Health Check?

Vehicle Health Inspection Sheet
OMS Vehicle Health Check