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Trust the Certified Service Professionals for Your Car Repairs

When you find your Chevy, Cadillac, or any other vehicle in need of replacement parts or upgrades, schedule an appointment with our GM Certified Service Centre in Oshawa. Our factory-trained technicians have served the Oshawa community for decades. We've built the trust and experience to take care of all your car maintenance needs.

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Engine & cabin air filter deal Oshawa

Winter Tire Packages

It's that time again! With winter right around the corner and a global supply shortage of winter tires, it's more important than ever to beat the rush and purchase tires early this year!  Click here to view the winter tire package that is best for you and your vehicle. 


Seasonal Tire Storage

We understand the inconvenience that comes with seasonal tire storage which is why we offer affordable options to our valued customers. Once we've swapped out those wheels, they will be tagged and coded to your personal account. They are then securely stored until you are ready for them again!

    • Coming in for routine maintenance this month? Swap and store your tires at the same appointment. Only $85 to store your tires until next season. Take back your space!

Ontario Tech University and Durham College Offer

Ontario Tech University and Durham College students receive 20% off all services on their vehicle. After all, school is expensive enough!  Need picked up or dropped back-off at school?  Take advantage of our complimentary shuttle service. This offer cannot be combined with other service offers. 

Aircomatic HVAC Service

Can’t remember what that new car smells like? Missing that fresh air scent? Freshen your ventilation system and start breathing in clean air again! This service will eliminate virtually all odors, organic and chemical from your cars ventilation system so you can breathe fresh again. AIRCOMATIC even helps to eliminate cigarette smoke and pet odors!


Tire & Wheel Wash Special

Sometimes a normal car wash just won't cut it. That's where our Tire & Wheel Wash package comes in! Did you know all that brake dust, salt and road grime just collects inside your inner wheel? Yuck! Let us clean all 4 tires and rims inside and out for only $20.00!

      • Don't forget to have us give your other set of tires a good clean before we store them for you, too!

Aquapel Glass Treatment

Aquapel Glass Treatment is a long-lasting rain repellant that improves the drivers ability to see clearly and drive safety.  Click here to watch a video on the difference this treatment makes while driving! This innovative technology does the following:

    - Remarkably improves vision in the rain
    - Causes rain to bead up and roll right off your windshield
    - Reduces glare in the rain, even at night!
    - Makes it easier to clear ice, snow, dirt and bugs
    • - Treat your windshield for just $32.95!

Cabin Air Filter Service

Itchy eyes? Runny nose? Fight the worst of your allergy symptoms by having your Cabin Air Filter serviced! Pollution inside your vehicle can often be worse than the pollution outside.

      • Take advantage of this seasonal promotion and eliminate airborne particles such as evil pollen, dust, mold and smog right now from $49.95!

Professional Detailing Services

Treat your car to a clean-up this season with our Professional Detailing Packages. Let our professionals do the work so you can start enjoying your ride again. With six packages to choose from, you can select the package that best suits the needs of you and your vehicle!

OMS Loyalty Program

We appreciate your loyalty! As a loyal OMS customer you have the opportunity to save nearly $85 when you purchase five Lubrication, Oil and Filter changes. Choose your product of choice and enjoy your savings in the months to come. 

        • REGULAR Oil Change Save $51.00
        • DEXOS Oil Change Save $64.40
        • CASTROL SYNTHETIC Oil Change Save $79.10
        • MOBIL 1 Oil Change Save $83.60

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