Service FAQs

What to Expect from Your GM Certified Technician

Whether you’ve visited us before or not, a GM Certified Technician knows your Chevy, Cadillac, Buick, or GMC inside and out. That’s because becoming a GM Certified Service Technician means training at a GM factory and learning everything there is to know about GM maintenance and repair. General Motors of Canada trains, educates, and tests each technician, ensuring every mechanic meets the highest industry standards for vehicle service.

Our expertise doesn’t stop with Cadillac, Chevrolet, and the like. Only a GM Certified Service shop is equipped to handle now-defunct GM brands like Pontiac, Saturn, or Oldsmobile.

The benefit is that our training is not only up to date with recent developments in automotive repair technology but that our certified technicians learn from the best and brightest, from professionals who have been repairing GM-brand vehicles for decades. As part of training, GM even provides trainees with real vehicles to practice their skills on. That’s a huge advantage over other training programs that use outdated, off-brand vehicles. For our customers, real experience means real results.

To ensure training is thorough, each technician is trained and tested on base mechanical knowledge and certified in an additional technical aspect. Training curriculum and testing overlaps with Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) standards for technicians to earn their ASE Master Technician certification simultaneously.

Expertise doesn’t stop at what we know. On top of our experience and skills, you get full confidence knowing that we only stock and use GM OEM parts and accessories on every GM repair, keeping your car, truck, or SUV performing like it did on day one. That also means your repairs are as fast and cost-efficient as possible.