Employee Survey

Methods of Gathering Feedback at OMS

As presented at the Vision 2020 meeting at the end of January, one key element was about communication with employees, and specifically about gathering and acting upon employee feedback and suggestions to improve the "customer experience," and any other aspects of OMS we all wish to improve on.

We would like to get moving on this goal and want to kick-start the collection of feedback/suggestions from employees by rolling out this very condensed and simple survey to get some initial feedback about "gathering feedback"... Whoa, that's a lot of feedback's jammed into one sentence!

The survey has only one simple question and you can help shape the future of how we gather feedback and suggestions at OMS by taking the time to answer said question below.

Please take a quick moment to provide your response and help us start making a better OMS! Together we will make this an amazing place for customers to visit and an awesome place for employees to work!

Can't wait to see what we accomplish!