Ontario Motor Sales will purchase your car…

Recently we have received a number of inquiries about whether we buy cars. I guess when our business is built around selling and servicing vehicles, we fail to get the message across that we do in fact buy cars.

As a dealer that focuses on both New Cars and Used Cars, we have several sources that allow us to acquire quality pre-owned vehicles for our inventory. That being said, it's local vehicles that we purchase from customers or members of our community that really provide a little extra value for our Used Car customers.

Whether it's a vehicle that we are going to purchase for our Used Car Inventory, or just a car that we are going to help you find a home for, our process is very simple, and most importantly... FREE

By visiting the dealership with your vehicle, you can not only take advantage of the expertise of our Used Car staff, but you can also take advantage of a live auction that will expose your vehicle to hundreds of dealers across the country. The whole process takes about 30 minutes and you can receive payment for your vehicle within 24 hours.

Having your vehicle appraised and entered in the auction is a stress-free no-obligation process that guarantees your value for 5 days or 1000kms. You are not obligated to sell your vehicle for the top auction value or purchase a vehicle from Ontario Motor Sales.

Should you agree to sell or trade your vehicle to Ontario Motor Sales, we will guide you through all of the necessary paperwork to ensure that any vehicle liens are paid out, your vehicle's history is properly disclosed and your license plates are returned for any refunds that may apply.

If you would like to Sell your vehicle to Ontario Motor Sales, please email us to book your appointment or call (905) 725-6501 and ask for Scott Smith.

Unfortunately we will not be able to appraise your vehicle over the phone as there are several considerations when evaluating your cars selling price (accident history, options, condition, cleanliness etc). Vehicles must be appraised at Ontario Motor Sales in order for us to maximize your auction or appraisal value. Appraisal Staff is available at the Dealership during regular sales hours including Saturdays.

We are happy to appraise your vehicle at your convenience!