Get Your Winter Tires off Early to Save Your Treads for Next Year!!

Well it looks like spring is here if you live anywhere in Southern Ontario!! YAY! So if you live in Oshawa, Whitby, Bowmanville or anywhere in the Durham Region than here are several reasons to get your winter tires removed, inspected and stored for the season at Ontario Motor Sales!

1) We offer the most quality Auto Repairs available in the market with over 33 factory trained technicians, three tires machines, nitrogen filling station! And 89 years of practice!

2) We will store your tires in a safe, dry and secure location for the entire off season.

3) We will pick up and deliver your vehicle! You don't ever need to visit the dealership, just spend your time getting the BBQ ready and flowers planted.

4) Currently offering a Spring Special for only $199, click here for details. (inspection cleaning etc)

5) We will service any model, Chevrolet, Cadillac, Pontiac, Buick, Ford, Toyota, Hyundai, get the point!!!

Call now to learn more about our Winter Tire programs and storage information!

You can give us a call at 905-725-8304 or e-mail us at to get your tires changed ASAP to save your tread for next year.