What You Get For $7 in the 2016 Chevrolet Spark

2016 chevrolet spark

There are only two manufacturers that offer 2016 vehicles at prices under $10,000 in Canada, and Chevrolet is very proud to be one of them. Unfortunately, the Chevrolet Spark costs $7 more than its cheaper competitor, the Nissan Micra (which begins at $9988), but we're confident that the extra $7 is a wise investment on your end. Let us tell you why below.

The all-new 2016 Spark is a great demonstration of Chevrolet's commitment to connecting our customers with technology. And tech is where the Spark wins most decidedly over the Micra.

The '16 Spark LS features:

  • A 7" Chevrolet MyLink Touchscreen Display
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto functionality
  • OnStar 4G/LTE WiFi
  • Rearview camera

Compare that with the '16 Micra S, which comes standard with:

  • AM/FM CD Player
  • Digital Clock
  • 4-way driver seat
  • 3-way overhead light

Sure, the Micra comes with a few exciting features (for 1992), but Spark totally blows it out of the water when it comes to technology. With Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Chevrolet MyLink, OnStar WiFi, and a rearview camera, you won't find a better connected car on the road for less than $10,000.


Now, the Micra does add Bluetooth for phone calls on its SV model—which costs $3860 more than its base S model. There is no Bluetooth audio streaming available on the Nissan Micra at any trim level. Compare that with Spark, where you get Bluetooth for audio and phone standard even on the LS model! We recognize that it costs $7 more to get these features with Spark, but with Micra, you'd have to dish out almost $4000—and still not be able to get Bluetooth audio streaming capabilities.

Of course, Spark features many non-technological benefits over Micra as well. For example, Spark comes standard with ten airbags on every trim level, which beats Micra's six—another win for Chevrolet. The Spark is also more fuel efficient, scoring 5.7L/100km highway, whereas the Micra only gets 6.8L/100km on the highway.

In a world where technology evolves and develops every day, Chevrolet believes that your vehicle should work with—not against—your smart devices and provide you with a seamless in-vehicle experience for you to use these devices to their fullest potential. But tech is only one area in our consumers' lives, so we are confident that we have built the overall best inexpensive vehicle that money can buy in 2016. For a complete list of what comes on each Spark trim level, click here.

Let us show you the all-new 2016 Spark here at Ontario Motor Sales. Cute, compact, and connected, we think you'll totally love it. Click here to browse our in-stock Spark inventory.