The 2016 Chevrolet Cruze: The Car for the #MATURE-ish


Did you just finish college and don't know what's coming next? Or maybe you've already established your career but like taking things casually on weekends.

Either way, you need a ride as cool as you are. And it sounds to us like you might be #MATUREish. Tweet it.

If you're feeling #MATUREish, then the all-new 2016 Chevrolet Cruze is probably the car for you. Seriously—we think you'll love it. And we want to tell you why. The new Cruze features:

  • 12.3 cubic feet of truck space so you can comfortably move out of your parents' basement
  • Bluetooth audio streaming so you can listen to Views on repeat whenever you like
  • solar-absorbing glass to keep you cool
  • LED daytime running lamps, which are #lit

How does all that sound? These are just some of the features that are available on the 2016 Chevy Cruze. For a breakdown of what you get in each Cruze model, simply click here.

Does tech tickle your fancy? Click here to read about 5 tech highlights on the new Cruze.

Ontario Motor Sales is dedicated to being your one-stop Cruze shop. With an expansive inventory featuring a great number and diversity of Cruzes, why look anywhere else? We'd be happy to let you out on a test drive. Click here to arrange a drive at a time that is convenient for you.

In fact, let us even show you around a little: